Fraud Warning

  • Evertek does not sell on Alibaba

  • Evertek does not have a location in the Philippines

  • Evertek does not drop-ship for anyone in the Philippines

  • Our investigation found a large percentage of computer listings on Alibaba to be fakes – when we tried to report it to Alibaba it fell on deaf ears.

Buyer beware!

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The scam works something like this:

  • You contact a seller on Alibaba, they get back to you on whatsapp
  • They offer prices that are unusually cheap
  • They get you to send between $300 to $700 for a single computer
  • They say they shipped your order
  • Your order shows up on their own fake tracking site
  • Then they claim they shipped you too many units but will help find a buyer for them after they arrive
  • Then they claim the entire shipment is stuck at some point, usually in customs, and they need more money to release it

You will never see your money back. You will never see a single computer. All of it is fake.

If you have been a victim of this fraud and would like to share screenshots of the transaction, chat logs, emails, etc, please do so here

If you know anyone at Alibaba who actually cares about rampant fraud on their platform, please get in touch with us.

If you know of any reporting authority anywhere in the world, please let us know.

We have collected information from many cases at this point. We would be quite pleased to turn over the evidence in our possession to any legal authority anywhere.

We would like this to stop.

Evertek Computer Corporation